Daniel Johnston on Roky Erickson

Daniel Johnston: Yeah, I was working at McDonald’s and a guy came in and he said I’ve worked with Roky Erikson, and I said, really? I’d love to meet Roky Erikson, so we went out, and he was so cool. Everybody is really weird about Roky, like they’re really delicate; they walk on tiptoes around him, you know…we’d rent out horror movie videos. There was the movie Last House on the Left, and it was pretty hardcore, I’d seen a little bit once, and I’d like left the drive in theater because I felt it was going a little too far but I though he might enjoy it since he was hardcore horror in his songs. And once it came to the end he rewound it three of four times, you know, to see them die. Roky went into the other room to work on some insects, he would like dissect them, you know, bring them back to life and stuff like that, his little experiments…I love his music, it’s supernatural…and it’s scary…

From EYE MIND: The Saga of Roky Erikson and the 13th Floor Elevators by Paul Drummond

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